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OMG I’m back – TEDx Talks is an amazing organization that’s a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.

So – I found my purpose in life – “I’m Amy Irvin and I strive to be a positive influence for those with life struggles. By following my journey, (through my blog & social media platforms) I hope readers find the motivation and strength to live a more positive and successful life.”

I dare say that will change a million times over the next few years but currently that’s what I’m working towards. I still feel like I’m lost but I’m taking it a day at a time and working towards being that person.

My goals have changed in recent times, I have recently signed up to start my PT course – so there’s that, I’m trying to work towards eating squeaky clean (no chocolate or naughty snacks) and continue to raise kids that grow up to be decent human beings.

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And so before I finished this piece I had to pick Jack up from school and he had to put all of his toys away – and any others he could see laying around, regardless if other kids were playing with them. Then he got his bag and got his lunchbox out of the fridge and put it in his bag, put it on his back and said let’s go. The ladies looked at me and said “Wow – he’s very independent!” – yeah, because at two he can do these things, he’s like his nonno – born full size!

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