Everybody wants to eat…

I heard a freaking amazing motivational speech one day while I was warming up at gym… I still remember where I was, what I was doing – like some kind of trans – what pulled some serious heart strings was “Everybody wants to eat… but only few are willing to hunt!” – and you know what! THAT RELATES TO ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE!

So my question to you is this:- are you a man or are you a mouse?
And I have a few more that may help you identify you’re why…
How bad do you want it?
What will you, and what will you not fight for?
Who will you, and who will you not listen to?
Like a great man once said – find the people that’s lives resemble what you want your life to look like, then just do what they do… it was worded better than that, but that man was Tony Robbins. I did think that he was the most amazing man on this planet… BUT then I realized he is just that – a man.
I used to be all scared of professionals like they were superheros or something. BUT they are just people too – people who aren’t scared of change, who can think on their feet, who don’t listen to the naysayers…
Everybody has a past – good or bad, but it is just that, THE PAST. I’m trying to look for some statistics to put in here but what I have found from personal experiences is that the more spirited young adults seem to go further in life then those that play by the rules every step of the way…
That’s how I know, I know deep down in my bones that I’m going to go far in life!
Watch this space!
Change is coming… like so much change is coming now – and quick! It’s ALMOST too overwhelming… almost… but you know – It’s me… and I’m pretty sure everyone has started to realise that I don’t do anything by halves.
Much love,
Aquo Xx

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