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Aquo’s Bucket List

Posted by Amy Aquilini

OK… so I hope you have an hour or two to read through this post – it may take a while. Many of these things I planned on doing before my accident, but never got around to doing it. This list was composed by jotting down the first thing that came to mind, so it’s in no particular order:-

Skydiving – I have always wanted to go skydiving, ever since I saw Point Break way back in ’42’, well… maybe not that long ago – but you get my point! I was planning of jumping at Mission Beach for my 21st birthday, mum drove me to the place you go to sign up, I was all ready to go when the wind blew up to the point where the planes wouldn’t go up. It was the biggest let down! but that night black Sambucca helped dissolve that memory, if only for a short time. 

 Travelling – So this may take a while – there is a lot of travel I want to do! My number one travel goal is to see snow, not just the paper crap they have when you go to get your Santa photos at the ‘North Pole’ at the end of the year, but full on freeze your ass off, wet & slippery – SNOW! Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to go see snow, dad has always talked about going to Canada to see one of my grandmother’s pen pals that dad hasn’t seen since he was a wee lad. It would have been awesome to go on an overseas trip together (were really close) but as far as we have gotten is South Mole Island when I was grade 6 or 7. 

Since my accident, I have wanted to travel to different parts of Australia to experience as much of our wonderful country as I can. I’d especially like to experience the Northern Territory. My husband, myself and our two boys struggle so bad with the heat in North Queensland – so lets just agree that we will have to go in the cooler months! Ayers Rock, Berry Springs Nature Park, Finke Gorge National Park, pretty much explore as much of Alice Springs as possible!

Click here to visit the Northern Territory

Grow a successful blog & making a living out of writing – My idea for starting this blog came early on after my accident knowing I couldn’t work again due to my fatigue, along with other factors. Now, two kids later, and a disability the only way I will ever be able to return to the workforce is if I work for the family business (agricultural). I’m really enjoying writing, I would love to study journalism or something like that, to further my knowledge in the field.

Achieve my body goals – Between giving birth to both children, I started working away to achieve my body goals and I got there (a fit size 12), but then – I fell pregnant again. This time I had so much more of a healthier pregnancy all round and at 5 weeks postpartum I’m a size 14 so I was pretty much all baby. I would love to tighten everything up, get fit again and get back down to a size 12. Once I have achieved that I would love a mummy makeover – the mummy makeover is a maybe… but my fitness goal is a must. I’m really bummed that I can’t find my before photos, when I first started my fitness journey. I am so grateful that my trainer Jaydon helped me to reach my fitness goals I had for 2018, I was able to train for 1/3 of my second pregnancy. Jaydon is the founder of Tweak Fitness.

Click here to visit Tweak Fitness – the page directs you to Tully as Jaydon no longer runs the Ingham branch.

Play soccer again – Since primary school I have played social soccer on and off till right up to my accident. I would love to get back to being fit enough to play again. I loved standing on the field with my friends playing soccer and talking… mostly talking haha!

Make a difference in someone’s life – I would love to be the reason that helps change someone’s life for the better, whether it be a family member or a complete stranger. It would be the best feeling knowing I helped change somebody’s life for the better.

Publish a book – I started to write a book just after my accident, back when I was nothing but a flaming ball of hate, angry at everyone and everything – So it was nothing more than something of a hit list. Now – I’m past all that, those from my past are barely a thought these days. I feel I would now be able to write about my accident and injuries to let the world know my story and how I have had to overcome what I have had to.

Grow confidence with public speaking – It has always been a thought to go around to schools in rural towns and discuss the way my life has changed because of a wrong decision and the dangers of quad bikes. I still have to figure out the angle I want to work on. But – problem being – I struggle with speaking to crowds and I would love to be able to be more confident with public speaking.

Get featured in media for my writing – I would love to get noticed by the radio stations firstly, to get my blog out there and to start getting more followers.

Create a documentary – I’ve been watching more and more documentaries and I’ve been thinking for years to possibly do one of my own about my story, what I’ve been through and my life now, to show others you can always turn aa negative situation into a positive.

Create my dream house – I would love to create my dream house layout so when we are ready to build (in like ten years) it’s what I want – a well thought out and functional home for us.

Take kids to Disneyland – I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland and we have decided that if we don’t take the kids to do Movieworld and Seaworld on the Goldcoast when our oldest boy is five we will take them over to Dreamworld when our oldest is ten. I hope this is defiantly something we can do! the big kid in me is screaming to go! haha.

Go on a health & wellness retreat – Since started living a healthier lifestyle years ago, I have really been interested in health and wellness retreats, namely those that are more about detoxifying the body and learning about looking after the mind, body & soul. Some teach you about the benefits of safe and effective detox methods through proper nutrition, balanced diet and specialised holistic therapies. Proper trained clinics offer detox programs that understand how your body is the perfect machine for cleansing, and offer a health boosting holiday designed to optimise the complex detoxing mechanisms of your body. They allow you to work with experts to identify different approaches that best suit your needs. Located on the most stunning destinations in the world, you are bound for a detox journey you will never forget, it’s all about what destination and price attracts you as they range from $3000.00-$12000.00, it all depends how long you want your stay to be and what you want included in your program.

Finally go on a honeymoon – I would love one day to actually go on a honeymoon. We got married just before the sugar cane crushing season was about to start in the Herbert River District in 2018 so we couldn’t go anywhere. Now – I don’t want to leave my babies for a few weeks… ARE YOU MAD?! So it may end up having to be a family-moon if ever there is one.

Well, that’s my bucket list and these are just the things I really want to do. I never had a bucket list until my near death experience, my very, extremely near death experience. If money wasn’t an issue and I had to choose just one thing I could tick off, I would have to go with travelling. There is just so much more of this world I want to see. I was surprised to see how much I learnt from writing this article. I never took the time to think through the things I would like to do before I die and I never thought it could reveal something about my personality that I did not already know.

Aquo Xx

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