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Body Image – The Female Perspective…

Posted by Amy Aquilini

Your body image is how you perceive, think and feel about your body. This may have no bearing at all on your actual appearance. For instance, it it isn’t uncommon for women to believe they are bigger/fatter than they really are.

According to the Better Health Channel only one in five women are satisfied with their body weight. Nearly half of all normal weight women overestimate their size and shape. A distorted body image can lead to self-destructive behaviour, like dieting or binge eating. Approximately nine out of 10 young Australian women have dieted at least once in their lives.

A negative body image is created over a lifetime from many different influences, including family, friends and the media. And let’s face it… unless we change our thinking, we are all (as us Aussies say it) up shits creek!

It seems most women are looking for that something extra in their lives so that they feel ok in their own skin. I was going to post a questionnaire on Facebook, but I then thought because it isn’t completely anonymous, women either wouldn’t do it because it’s letting their guard down and they feel as if people would have the opportunity to hurt them, or they would lie about it. This is the questionnaire that I was going to post on Facebook:-

  1. Have you avoided sports or working out because you didn’t want to be seen in gym clothes? Yes___ No ___
  2. Does eating even a small amount of food make you feel fat? Yes___ No ___
  3. Do you worry or obsess about your body not being small, thin or good enough? Yes___ No ___
  4. Are you concerned your body is not muscular or strong enough? Yes___ No ___
  5. Do you avoid wearing certain clothes because they make you feel fat? Yes___ No ___
  6. Do you feel badly about yourself because you don’t like your body? Yes___ No ___
  7. Have you ever disliked your body? Yes___ No ___
  8. Do you want to change something about your body?
    Yes___ No ___
  9. Do you compare yourself to others and “come up short?”
    Yes___ No ___

I also put it to you that the most confident women in the world are either skinny or famous. I told you this blogs going to be real! Let’s discuss… Seriously I want to make a discussion on this piece. I’m currently trying to set up a forum so please bare with me!

You should look at the following blog about the 11 habits of a confident woman:-

I want to build myself up to be the best, most positive… most successful version of me. I want to build women up – regardless of where they sit on the economical scale because, really – we are all equal….

The following blog lists 20 Affirmations To Boost Your Self-Confidence And Achieve Your Dreams – and you know what… fuck it… I’m giving this everything I have because I believe I am motivated and crazy enough to pull it off.

New studies suggest that cosmetic surgery is on the rise:-

Is this because women feel as if every part of their body is perfect? I want to know… Do you feel confident in your own body? I know I don’t… but – I’m starting too. I’m the smallest I have ever been in my life but I’m still not happy… Is this because I have visible impairment? but then I think of it… Unless you really look, you wouldn’t notice. That’s the bit I need to remember.

I have recently stopped looking for validation before trying to do something. It used to be my biggest insecurity since my accident. I’m back in the game BITCHES!!! I’ve been doing more soul searching in the last six months than I ever have before and I feel A-mazing! I love exercising because it helps me clear my head and be able to focus and it’s got me growing a nice ass!

I guess when it comes down to it we all want to be what our version of perfect looks like, don’t we???

Image result for confident meme

So before my accident, I would say I was and I wasn’t confident, I was still very young living in a very judgemental town, don’t get me wrong… I love Ingham. I think I love Ingham more than ever now because I’m learning what you can and can’t say around the place and to whom your saying it.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing.” – Mr Mina

I was speaking to a 60 year old woman and we were discussing this topic and I asked her how she felt about her body and she said she felt comfortable once she lost 20kg. It’s an issue amongst females of all ages.

Regardless if your male or female every human being in this god world struggles with their self confidence. It’s just a characteristic that god gave each of us. The best thing I have come across in this life to be as much at peace with myself as I can is by surrounding myself with supportive, positive people. With two baby (um I don’t know if they are human or dinosaur because that’s how both communicate – most of the time) i’m going to say people… It’s harder to plan get togethers and catch ups but you have those ones who won’t be going anywhere and when your ready it’s all good.

Be your own sunshine and you will be fine!

Aquo Xx

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