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I got the juice!

Posted by Amy Aquilini
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Today I picked up the good stuff… and guess what?! I had to travel like a minute up the road to get it and it’s completely legal. To those of you reading this having a fit, yes, I am talking about medicinal marijuana in oil form, but my question to you is – Why is your head spinning? It is now LEGAL and is A LOT EASIER TO AQUIRE THAN DOCTORS MAKE OUT!

When I initially researched medicinal marijuana about a year ago, I found it was quite expensive (flights to go to the clinic in Brisbane, $300 for the initial consult then product on top) and there was quite an extensive process that I ended up putting in the too hard basket, I assume it would be much easier to ‘acquire’ marijuana illegally…

I got to the stage where my pain levels were preventing me from becoming a highly functioning person, I was an angry person because I was always in so much bloody pain!

The company I went through to get the oil was Cannvalate and this was the process I followed:-

  1. Through the extensive research I undertook, I came to learn the process would be fast tracked if I obtained my medical summary from my GP prior to having the initial phone appointment with one of the Cannvalate doctors.
  2. I went and saw my GP and told her I needed a copy of my medical summary which was a few pages long but minimized to one page.
  3. I emailed my medical summary to Cannvalate than rang them on 1300 633 226 to book an appointment.
  4. A Cannvalate representative than called me the morning the morning my phone appointment with one of their doctors was calling me for me to take payment – $95 Initial Consult fee.
  5. A doctor than called me and we spoke about my situation for maybe, maybe ten minutes where he asked me questions regarding my chronic pain and day to day life.
  6. The doctor than sent my application off to the Federal Government for approval (which can take up to a month) which came back approved… obviously or I wouldn’t be writing this!
  7. A Cannvalate representative than rang to tell me the awesome news and to let me know I was prescribed a product called Cannatrek H10 Hybrid which is an oil I drop under my tongue measured anywhere from 1.0mL to 3.0mL.
  8. I made a payment of $254.00 ($225 for product and $29.00 shipping) for the product to be posted.
  9. Cannvalate then posted a script and product I was prescribed to the nearest pharmacy that is registered with Cannvalate, which, for me is Guardian Pharmacy in Ingham.
  10. The awesome ladies at Guardian than rang me to let me know my juice was here yayyy!

I feel that those judgmental people that walk around the place like ‘Oh she does drugs’ are some of the most uneducated people going. Educate yourself – like anything, the science that surrounds the whole marijuana plant is incredible! I have been researching it for years and as soon as it becomes legal to grow a plant or two, I ain’t gonna lie – I am so going to grow the most amazing plant that has ever been…

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Cannatrek Website

I am constantly in pain – every waking minute of every single day, even when I’m smiling, laughing, playing with my babies, I’m in pain. I would not wish chronic pain on my worst enemy! When I say I’m well, my definition of ‘well’ is much different to many peoples. If others woke up and feel the way I do every single morning, they wouldn’t get out of bed. I’ve adapted … I’ve adapted because of how strong willed I have always been. I was never going to let what happened to me overcome me – ‘I’ll overcome it!’

I do have really bad ‘pain days’ and I apologise for my attitude on those days, I smile a lot because if I don’t I will end up in jail… see I don’t get sad, I get mad! Like want to knock people out mad… They don’t call me Rocky for nothing! However – I try to keep that side of me dead and buried! Now I can do that! This oil is a god send! Really – It doesn’t matter how anti marijuana you are, if you suffer from chronic pain – you will try anything that gives hope. If used correctly, marijuana is better than any opioid ever created, it can become a habit – but it is a non-adictive substance.

If you would like to discuss medical marihuana oil don’t be shy, send me an email, comment on this post, pm me – I promise I am more than happy to discuss it with you.

Aquo Xx


Posted by Amy Aquilini

Another trip to the ED department, fml…. we’re lucky my father was finished cutting for the day and my husband wasn’t far away. I suffer nerve pain on a daily basis – but today OH MY GOSH! I have never been in this much pain and wanted to vomit like this, just at the sight of being awake and living through this.

This is just a taste of what I go through on a daily basis. It’s the same shit over and over and over. The same questions are asked by the ambulance bearers, then the same questions again from staff in the emergency department and then again from the nurses. I know, by now all the trigger words that will get me what I want, but the thing is I’m not even playing! I WISH – I was playing. I would much rather be at home with a screaming baby and a toddler who has been pushing on the wrong nerve all day. Yeah – that would be tons better than being here.

Green whistle please! Megan the ambulance bearer knows me quite well – she attended my quad bike accident, my car accident, or we see each other shopping or at the annual race meet – which is more of just a formal piss up. I feel she understands me better than most – “But Megs you know I’m not a little bitch hey?!” “Amz it’s all good buddy!” Not my first rodeo. Anyone may just think this is my way of catching up with her lol.

Ketorolac Trometamol (Torodol) is the only thing, I have found on my journey to hell in the last six years, that actually works for me. The nurse that tended to me first last night suggested endone, but little does she know they are nothing more than a tictac to me – And no I don’t have any stashed away at home. Over time, do you know what that shit does to your body?? – yeah, no thanks!

I made the conscious decision back in 2015 to start making healthier lifestyle changes to better myself – mind, body & soul. And you know what? It’s the best decision I ever made! I’m finally becoming more confident in myself (four years later) and I’m ready to push to the next level and create a piece of art, not just the body of my dreams.

You know the chronic pain I live in, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! It’s absolute hell. THIS IS THE REASON I WAKE UP EVERYDAY AND TRY TO BE THE MOST HONEST, POSITIVE, CARING, friendliest, SUPPORTIVE HUMAN BEING I CAN BE! Look, at times it’s hard – believe you me! But I wake up everyday thankful that I get to spend another day with these beautiful little gremlins I created – Regardless of how batshit crazy they send me!


Aquo Xx

I’m not your everyday superhero…

Posted by Amy Aquilini

I’m at the stage in my life where I’m taking on Ingham to make it a better place for our future generations, for my boys. It’s just not good enough at the moment. We have to work together, not against each other, for our kids – for the greater good! The biggest challenge for me has been starting a business from the ground up, after recovering from a brain injury.

I try and be as organised as I can – calendar, notes everywhere! This enables me to accomplish as much as I do in a day. I set three blocks – morning, Lunch & afternoon. I try my hardest to have every subject I need to attack that day in order that they need to be done. Morning might say something like ‘draft email to x’ and I can do that on the couch while the boys are jumping over me bouncing off the walls with excitement – ‘I excited I excited’ because giggle and hoot has just started for the day.

I know people around the place look up to me, but I’m not your everyday superhero – I am just a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, etc. Yeah – I HAVE been through a lot of shit, but that now, seems like a distant memory. Well, not even that because I keep all of that in the rear view! It’s better for everybody like that – and I’ll just be here, doing my thing, always looking forward!

All of my experiences have made me a lot more humble with my outlook on life – and that’s a god thing! I’m going to make Ingham a place where our kids are going to want to grow up!

I absolutely love the following quote from Mother Theresa!

Aquo Xx

Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes, and what to do about it!

Posted by Amy Aquilini

Nerve Pain – what it does to you…

Posted by Amy Aquilini

For the last six years, I have constantly suffered from nerve pain, which spikes when it’s cold – it sucks!

So… what’s the reason I suffer from nerve pain you may ask – I had an accident (read my first few articles) back in 2013 that left me with a severe Brachical Plexus Injury to my right arm as well as a Traumatic Brain Injury. A Brachical Plexus Injury is an injury to group of nerves that come from the spinal cord in the neck and travel down the arm. These nerves control the muscles of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, as well as provide feeling in the arm. My injury was pretty severe, it has caused permanent disability to my right arm.

Anterior primary rami of C5-T1. Phrenic nerve C3/4/5. 3 important nerves originate above the clavicle. C5 root-dorsal scapular. C5/6/7 roots-long thoracic nerve (Bell) C5/6 upper trunk-suprascapular nerve. T1 contributes preganglionic sympathetic fibres to stellate ganglion.

Nerve pain (Neuropathic pain) is pain caused by damage or disease affecting the somatosensory nervous system. Neuropathic pain may be associated with abnormal sensations called dysesthesia or pain from normally non-painful stimuli (allodynia). It may have continuous and/or episodic (paroxysmal) components.

So what this means is nerve pain is caused by damage or disease to the nervous system. You’re nerve pain may spike from things as simple as someone touching you etc. Things that normally wouldn’t hurt.

People have asked me how I manage my nerve pain with having two kids? Well the simple answer is my husband at times has to carry much more of the load than most other husbands do. Like last night, I was having a pain attack & our new born wouldn’t settle, I went and got my husband up to take over because sometimes the pain is so bad it takes everything I have just to deal with an attack.

But at the end of the day, it was OUR choice to have children, so something that was instilled in me at a young age was – you have to do what you gotta do to do what you wanna do, so most of the time I push myself as hard as I possibly can for my children. I don’t care if I don’t complete things for myself, but I make sure I do everything for my kids – fed, bathed, make sure there not over stimulated, try my hardest to stick to our ever changing routine, etc.

Having ongoing chronic pain can have a significant effect on your entire life. It can cause problems sleeping – I’ve had to sleep train, listen to sleep meditation… even having to resort to sleeping pills at times. It can affect your ability to work and attend social events – at times I suffer so bad I’m unable to go places.

In many people, they won’t attend classes or seminars to help them better deal with their situation. Those classes and seminars have helped me in so many ways to better deal with the chronic pain I live with every day. There is so much information people can learn, better than medication so that they too can also live a much better life.

Adequately treating nerve pain and learning coping strategies to manage pain are very important to make sure that you maintain a good quality of life. Physical activity can help reduce stress and improve fitness. This is why I became obsessed with fitness. Not only did it help with managing my nerve pain, it also helped me become much stronger, fitter and leaner – really, I am 30+ kilos lighter, 4 weeks post having another baby! Gentle stretching and yoga can be good options as well.

Getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet are also important. When it comes to sleep, at times I have very little of it, or very restless. A healthy diet tends to reduce inflammation in the body and this may be helpful with nerve pain. I did change our entire diet for the better – healthy food is so yummy!

There are good days where I’m in go-go gadget mode and get so much done in a day, then there are days where I’m lucky to keep my kids and myself alive. Nerve pain can also turn you into not a very nice person. The only way I have been able to stop all my anger was to go on antidepressants – and they are really helping. I would love to be able to do more for my family, but truth is, living with chronic pain – you just can’t. Having to constantly fight off pain is exhausting! I have learn’t not to be scared of another pain attack but to embrace it, this has been one of the best coping mechanisms I have learnt.

If there’s any advice I can give to people suffering nerve/chronic pain, I would stress that firstly, you need to educate yourself about your condition and learn strategies to deal with pain being a constant factor in your life. Maybe look into if there is a pain clinic (public system) in your area. I was taught so much at different seminars the Townsville Pain Clinic held.

Look after yourself – Start living a life where you are able to manage your pain, not be crippled by it.

Below you will find details to Pain Australia, this organisation works with governments, health professional and consumer bodies, funders, educational and research institutions, to facilitate implementation of the National Pain Strategy Australia-wide. To contact a Queensland Health Pain Management Practice, the best way to do so is to get a referral from your GP.

Pain Australia

Telephone: 02 6232 5588
Unit 6, 42 Geils Court, Deakin ACT 2600
PO Box 9406 Deakin ACT 2600

For general inquiries
For media inquiries please contact Jessica Conway or 0421 288 439

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